Manifest Your Quest


A life changing book if the reader follows and implements the lessons written in the book in this age of many self-help books. Rashi has given us something different due to her background and rich experience . This is not just a book but a tool in one’s hand by which one can actually transform positively. It’s a complete transformation package and its one of those books which is to be picked up and read again and again for complete transformation to take place
Nilesh Gupta
Director,VIjay Sales,Electronics Chain Stores across India
Ladies and Gentlemen, I know most of you would know this already but I’d like to share it anyways. Just got done with a zoom call with Rashi where she did a Tarrot reading for me. You know when people are good right? This girl here is beyond good at what she does, she’s committed, dedicated and you can feel so much peace as she takes you through the journey. Her prices are very reasonable too and I encourage you guys to check it out but also refer people you’d know to her. After all a MasterMind is a place to hold each others’ hands and walk together right? Thanks a ton once again Rashi. It was phenomenal.
Alvin Xavier
As a sports editor, I have closely observed Sports and Sportspersons. I believed there is a commonality between all successful sportspersons. Rashi has clearly been able to join the dots and explicitly identify the key traits of Persistence, Hard work, and self-belief for success and consistency. This book is a game-changer to bring out the best in all the people aspiring to be Sports persons or even who are at the epitome of success in Sports. The traits are very well personified with relatable examples.
Mr. Samip Rajguru
Executive editor Sports, India TV, Aajtak
Rashi has a way of sensing the unsaid and unknown. She has reached out to me on numerous instances offering help even when she was unaware of my situation. She has the ability to pierce a situation with her words and find the exact solution or answer to a dilemma. Her honest and caring way of dealing with situations has made me want to reach out to her in my times of trouble. She truly is gifted in leading and helping people to find direction.
Rashi I felt that I was reliving my own journey and how at each step of my struggle these principles guided me to move ahead. It's truly recommended for all those who find themselves at the crossroads of their life journey. This book will encourage and empower them. I truly believe that one should believe in themselves an never give up.
Dr. Monica Jacob
(Celebrity cosmetologist, featured in Netflix)
I have known Rashi for years now actually I really don’t know how long as it feels knowing each other since ages. She is the one whom we can place trust on. She has motivated me a lot, the times when I needed the most! She knows to catch the right nerve and use it to resolve things. I feel so grateful to the universe to brought her into my life. She had supported me in all ways! Thank you Rashi for being there!
Dr Rashmi Kapoor
Angelic healer and guidance Meditation trainer Life coach!
According to author Rashi Rooplaxmi finding your purpose is the first important step in living your life without limits. The content is engaging and powerful. It’s an insightful read. It encourages you to rise, explore and never give up.
Anupama Kumar
Journalist, Founder and Creator @Bharat Legacy Tales on Youtube,FB and Insta, Ex @aajtak ex @Abp news
Hi Rashi
I have known you for some years now and I love the simplicity and humility you bring around. Am sure people will benefit with your way of looking at people with positivity and inclusivity. All the best in your quest to heal.
Rashi has been the light inside the dark tunnel. Life at times is too claustrophobic to even breathe. The zeal, positivity and energy which she carries gives you the most important aspect of life I.e direction, hope and BELIEF.
Thank you Rashi Das for helping me to realize and manifest my dream and also helped me clear away the blockages i had in my ways to manifest my dream, you are absolutely and amazing person😘🤗
It’s a life-changing book” .....from ordinary to extraordinary.
Mr.Swarup Mohanty
CEO, Mirae Asset Global Investment (India).
Through this book Rashi is helping people , unleash their true potential.
Mr.Shikhar Ranjan
CEO, DNA India, Diligent Media Corporation Limited.