Lets Understand Our Thoughts

How much do we know about our brains and our thoughts? Scientists tell us we have 70,000 thoughts in a day. It is almost like a thought every second. But here’s a catch, out of 70,000 thoughts we have only 5% new thoughts. Ah! Now, this does not sound all that amazing. Let’s understand how we can work on ourselves. We are perpetually repeating our thoughts 95% of the time. The same thoughts keep going around our heads over and over in a loop. And do we know how much of these thoughts are negative in nature? And the kind of effect it has over us, our daily lives, our dreams. Do we realize that we have left these negative thoughts on autopilot and they are going around in our minds without our knowledge? These negative thoughts are self-sabotaging talks that we keep giving ourselves unconsciously. For example,  I’m not good enough. I can’t do it. They deserve it, but I don’t have that thing to deserve it. I’m not strong enough. I’m not experienced enough. These destructive thoughts keep patrolling in our heads.
Now there are thoughts, they create our judgments. Our thoughts create our decision based on our judgments. Have we realised that we take our decisions and create our judgments in less than a second? Before we even consciously realise within a split of a second we take our decisions.But if you are carrying so much of negative thoughts about yourself, then you can imagine the kinds of decisions that you make. Something that impacts the rest of our lives. 
It is not very difficult to take control over your thoughts. Awareness over consciousness is important. It can be achieved through practice and self-talk. How do we talk to ourselves matters.  Once Tony Robbins in his interview with Nelson Mandela asked him, ” Mr. Mandela, How did you survive 27 years in prison”. Nelson Mandella got very intense when he replied. He said “Tony, I didn’t survive, I prepared”. Look at the power of the use of words. Successful people have used powers of word to help them achieve their dreams. These powerful words change the way we think. Powerful words in self-talk eliminate negative thoughts. 
So let’s try it today and see for ourselves how much have we done to think new thoughts.

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